EDR point and cash bonuses are available for certain highly efficient measures. The incentive amounts for each measure are listed below. For more information, refer to the program handbook.

Point Bonuses

100% LED Lighting

0.5 EDR

Home Energy Management System (HEMS)

0.5 EDR

Hybrid Bonuses

(Modeled Savings + Cash Bonus)

Envelope Measures

High Performance Attics

$300 per home

High Performance Walls

$300 per home

High Performance Fenestration

$200 per home

Quality Insulation Installation (QII)

$200 per home

Reduced Building Air Leakage

$100-$300 per home

HVAC Measures

Whole House Fans

$300 per home

Buried Ducts

$300 per home

Heat Recovery Ventilator

$400 per home

Other Cash Bonuses

Smart Thermostat

$50 per home

All ENERGY STAR Appliances

$100 per home