Multifamily Alterations

Upgrade to more efficient all-electric equipment at multifamily properties with incentives from the Roseville Advanced Homes Program (RAHP).

Projects can receive incentives to convert all gas appliances and equipment to electric systems, including:  

  • Induction cooktops
  • Heat pump space heating
  • Heat pump water heating


RAHP offers de-escalating base incentives depending on the project’s year of completion.

Multifamily Alterations

Induction Cooking$600$550$500
Heat Pump Space Heater (SEER 15 or greater, HSPF 8.7 or greater)$2,500$2,250$2,000
Smart Thermostat$75$50$50
Heat Pump Water Heater Replacing Storage or Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater$3,000$2,500$2,000

Affordable Housing Bonus Incentive

Affordable multifamily homes are eligible for an additional 25% bonus incentive on top of the total incentive. Eligible projects must confirm certified affordable housing status based on regulatory designation or prove that the developer company is a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) designate. Other documentation may also be accepted with program approval.

Central Heat Pump Water Heater Design Stipend

Receive additional financial assistance up to $45,000 to support the design and installation of a central heat pump water heating system. RAHP will determine the total amount on a case-by-case basis after reviewing project plans.


Multifamily alterations RAHP projects must:

  • Receive electric distribution from Roseville Electric Utility
  • Meet minimum program alteration criteria and equipment specifications  
  • Remove gas meters (but not natural gas piping infrastructure)
  • Adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local laws and codes 

Program funds are limited. Incentives are available on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are no longer available.