Roseville Advanced Homes Program

Roseville Electric Utility’s Advanced Homes Program (RAHP) provides incentives to home builders with qualifying single family residential new construction projects.

RAHP allows new home builders to partner with Roseville Electric Utility to offer the highest in home efficiency at an affordable price while offering new home buyers the latest energy efficiency technology.

Three steps to earn incentives for your next home

STEP 1: Work with a Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) to develop an energy model that generates a Delta Energy Design Rating (EDR) of at least 2.0 and demonstrates positive kWh savings. Contact us with any eligibility questions during this step.

STEP 2: Take advantage of point and cash bonuses to achieve higher incentives.

STEP 3: Download an application, and email it to us for review.

2016 Title 24 Code Projects

Projects can enroll in the 2016 code program until May 31, 2020. Projects that completed HERS testing on or after January 1, 2019 are eligible to enroll in the 2016 code program.

2019 Title 24 Code Projects

Contact us for information about the 2019 code program.

Add bonuses to increase incentives

Point and cash bonuses assist with program eligibility and result in higher incentives. Hybrid bonuses provide both modeled savings and cash bonuses per lot for each measure.

Learn more about bonus incentives